Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Protest Warrior forum online again, message from Kfir

The PW forums are up and running again! Visit them at

Kfir has a message about the direction of ProtestWarrior in the future:

"1. We are going to be integrating the HQ and the main user forum. It will be a complex procedure behind the scenes, so please understand ... things could get messy from time to time. But here's what it means.

2. We're enabling user articles. This means that ProtestWarriors will be able to write articles for the front page. The administration will serve as editors, but you will be the drivers.

3. We're setting up a blog to be located at Select members will be invited to serve as bloggers, and others may apply to be permanent or guest bloggers.

4. Given forums will now enable Youtube video display.

5. Operations will be much more widely publicized than before. Leaders of successful ops will have the opportunity to place writeups on the front page.

6. Before now, ProtestWarrior was about Alan and Kfir and everyone else. Now, it's about everyone. You are ProtestWarrior, and you deserve to be recognized for that. These changes and more will move PW in that direction. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions or ideas."

So in a nutshell, Get over to the PW forums!



Anonymous said...

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Robert said...

It there still ProtestWarrior activity in America?
I can't seem to reach the site.

Omar said...

Protestwarrior is dead.Alan and Kfir don't give a crap about you guys.

Rohil Koovappara said...

Fuck Kfir the stupid Zionist Israeli!!!